About Us

Cocktail Party Statement is an award-wining podcast, made up of 3 MBAs who dissect the findings of business books and summarize them so you can make a statement at a cocktail party and sound like you’ve actually read it.

Thousands of business books are published every year – too many for any reader to sift through single-handedly. The group has chosen the best of the best – the books that deliver the biggest payoff, useful strategies and actionable methods. Their book synopsis is chronicled in their radio show/podcast. Subscribe and listen to the free download at iTunes.

How It All Started

The idea for the CPS as a book group was inspired by their Marketing Management class with Professor Imran Currim who reinforced the critical need for the MBAs to maintain their relationships and network. The group was particularly fond of the way Professor Currim concluded each week’s lecture with a “Cocktail Party Statement” which summarized the ideas and concepts of that class.

Who We Are We Ware


Phil Palisoul

Phil Palisoul received his MBA degree in Marketing at the University of California, Irvine. Focusing on messaging and connecting with consumers, Phil brings applicable knowledge from both politics and project management.

Phil’s favorite books: The Social Animal and Tipping Point.

Aaron Norris

Aaron Norris received his MBA in Marketing at the University of California, Irvine. Aaron is passionate about brand building and strategic market planning. Aaron’s background in working with small companies gives him unique insight on marketing, PR, and Web 2.0 strategies for small firms with a shoestring budget.

Aaron’s favorite books: Blue Ocean Strategy and Groundswell.

Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy received her MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of California, Irvine. Karin owns a Marketing Consulting firm where she uses her creative, and analytical skills to drive toward elegant solutions that help her customers achieve their objectives.

Karin’s favorite books: Outliers and Fortune at the BOP